‘Prosthesis for a walker’
‘Puerto de las Artes’. Huelva (Spain)

 — Talleres

‘Prosthesis for a walker’ is a workshop led by Domènec, Pere Grimau and Pau Faus, within the 8th contemporary art festival ‘Puerto de las Artes’. The workshop proposes a collective exploration on foot through the city of Huelva and its urban environment, with a special emphasis on its areas of conflict. Our ultimate goal is to develop critical actions on the territory through the use of ‘prosthesis’, understood here as auxiliar elements to interpret the urban environment where they are applied.

After two days exploring and getting to know the city, we decide to try two approaches. Both share the desire of ‘making visible what is invisible’. On one hand, we make a signaling action by opening symbolically two smoke pots at the entrance of the phosphoplaster deposits of the city. These huge ponds of toxic waste are easily visible from above, but imperceptible from a flat point of view. In addition, we readapt a touristic postcard of Huelva that we have bought by showing there some parts/themes of the city ignored by its official representation. A thousand copies will be printed and sent to various institutions, groups and inhabitants of Huelva.

‘Signtaping’ the public space. Munich (Germany)

 — Talleres

Actions carried out during the second part of the ‘UrbanBody’ workshop. The use of warning tape allows us to delimit, add or underline several activities in Munich’s public space.

Workshop . Munich (Germany)

 — Talleres

Second part of the ‘Urban Body’ workshop in the i-camp theater of Munich (Germany). Included in the ‘Body Territories’ laboratory, by the choreographer and dancer Monica Gomis, the workshop continues the work developed in the first part, during the month of April.

Following an anonymous person. Munich (Germany)

 — Talleres

As part of the ‘Urban Body’ workshop, several exercises are carried out along the streets of Munich. All of them aim to explore the boundaries between what we understand by public and private. We decide that one of these exercises should be to follow and photograph (without being seen) an anonymous person walking around the city. I choose an elegant old woman that walks calmly eating an ice cream. I turn out to be a terrible ‘pursuer’, not only am I noticed by her many times, I also lose her at the very first moment we enter a crowd. What had to be a half-hour chase in my case doesn’t even last five minutes. I try to restart the exercise with someone else, but nobody is nearly as good as my adorable lady. I then decide to end up my brief and disastrous career as a private detective.

‘Urban Body′ Workshop. Munich (Germany)

 — Talleres

How does the city affect our behavior as bodies? And how, on the other side, does our behavior as bodies affect the shape of the city? This workshop explore the relationship between the body and urban space. The proposal is part of the ‘Body Territories’ laboratory by the choreographer and dancer Monica Gomis at the i-camp theater of Munich.

El Prat Airport-Sants Train Station (Barcelona)

 — Talleres

As part of the workshop ‘Transurbanisms’ a group tour is carried out. We go from Barcelona to Barcelona. Our trip starts taking a train at Sants station (in the center of the city) to Barcelona’s Airport. Then, we undo the 25 minute journey back on foot to the train station for more than eight hours. The goal is to walk that ‘denied’ distance between the airport and the city. Each workshop participant has to develop a personal photographic work about this experience. I work about the physical presence of the group in an urban landscape strange for us. I like to see ourselves as astronauts, as explorers of an everyday-life that today we decide to perceive differently. It is our presence and our way of looking what turns the anonimous environments we walk by into something extraordinary.

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