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dunkin' donuts app problems

tried yesterday, and tried this morning…the app works for payment, but won’t load offers like my free coffees! Just want coffee. But when I did they have a message saying unable to download app policy. I have an iPhone and updated it a few days ago though…, Try this…..Close your Dunkin App. If you reset your password, you can get back into the app. Good luck and everybody stay safe! I wanted to change my password, but i never received an email to do that either. Now comes a tale of a Cincinnati Dunkin' Donuts which wrote a message to a customer on their drinks cup. App logged me out and will not accept my login information. Tried resetting password and its not working!! Locked me out. I also got an error this morning on 100 point Monday. It sometimes removes all of the credit card information that i had stored in the app. I stopped going there for several months after that. Hopefully that solves the issue. I have sent numerous emails with no answers. I just tested this on my own and I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Anyone any luck? hasn’t worked in over a week. The company says this will make it easier to train people to work in its stores and help to reduce labor turnover. I was able to send 4 cards and then it quit. "If you’re looking for an extra boost to help get your morning started on the right foot, or keep you runnin’ throughout a busy day, we’ve got just the drink for you. DD App won’t even open. It might be defaulting to an old card. Tried calling and no one answers and still no refund! ‎Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! and join one of thousands of communities. "Dunkin' Run," as the app is called, is being billed a form of social media, not unlike Facebook . The Dunkin' Donuts App was just updated with some pretty cool features. I just want to order my coffee!!! I have been a customer at the Dunkin Donut on 58 Highway, Chattanooga, TN. Mine was not working for a few weeks. Estamos teniendo problemas para conseguir una conexión a Internet. Nice selection of donuts. Problem was the billing address changed. I tried everything and can’t get it to let me load money on it. Really wanted my 100 points today. I’ve been trying to add a card but it keeps telling me the number or pin isn’t correct but I copied it off the card anyone else having issues. Today, app unable to connect. The "to go" app rarely works. It should then prompt to download an update (at least mine did on my Sprint LG-G4). Mine too. Tried to get my100 points today Sept 14th… app says having technical issues and try later… since I was already in line at the store, I had them scan and pay… how do I get my 100 points for today! Thank you! Hasn’t let me reload money for 2 weeks now, said i’m temporarily locked out of my account. this isnt going well. I keep getting the error code app4247. Wow! Because of how frequently card numbers are hacked now, my credit card has changed numbers 5 times in the past 3 years. When I try to, it says ‘this app cannot be installed’/‘unable to install Dunkin’. That’s great but there isn’t a Starbucks near me. My favorites and order history can’t be viewed. Tried turning off my phone. Doesn’t matter what store I choose. It takes 3-5 days for the lockout to end. Why hasn’t Dunkin fixed this? Discounts didn’t show until you hit the order button. (Scroll down for a picture of the ad.) Some days I can order some I can’t. (hotspot VPN) was the culprit. I have contacted customer service and all I got it that they will take a look at it and get back with me when they have a fix. So disappointed!! I’ve reset my password multiple times to no avail. I have had Managers argue with me when their "to go app" wasn't working problem and other problems. I was mistakenly asking about filling in the browser as well as the app. I can’t reset my password i get a page with circle and it’s just circling and not loading anything. The same thing has been happening to me for about a week now. I have tried logging out and back in, re-booting…nothing works. Over a week and no response to the case opened. I love DD but the constant problems with this app is frustrating. Time 7:00 PM, Thursday, 12/17/20. It was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. Annoying. Screen gives number to call. This should be a must for 2012. I’ve had numerous problems with this App but the last few weeks have been the worst. I’ve had this app for 5 years and rarely have a problem. Can not get through to DD customer service!! And yes I cannot currently order anything with the app also. So decided to just at least look at the menu and it said can’t find my location. Was able to add my card in order to transfer to my app card, froze up. Changed password 3x and still can’t get in. Are you still waiting because I’ve been waiting for 3 days and nothing has changed. I tried loading my Dunkin card and kept getting the technical difficulties error code. I have always paid this way and have never had issues. I feel like there is nothing more I can do. Piss poor!! Can’t add a gift card to my account / add funds. Try again later. I still don’t have a reset password link. You can reload app in store with cash to still get points. Mine has said “experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later” for about two weeks now. My wife spent hours, on numerous days, attempting to resolve this last month. Sometimes it doesn’t even give a code and just says “We are unable to complete the request.” or whatever. least not with their APP!! The fix took a long time. My wifi is connected and my location is set on my phone but it can’t find me. The app is down since card information is being stolen on there. We support general discussion of Donuts whatever their source. If you have a Full Time job! Now stuck on the ‘accept terms and conditions’ page and the app will not allow me to accept (again connectivity issues but I can access all other apps). Haven’t had them in months here. I’ve been trying to add money to the account for over a month now. I don’t have time to stand in line at that time. I tried to send gift cards via text and I keep getting error app4241. But, if the app is down and not working it is a cause for concern. Then deleted the app and reinstalled. Just got a message auto reload failed, tried manually and just fails with app error 4205 please try again later we are experiencing technical difficulties. Told me to see if all my info was right on the app (it is), to delete and add my credit debit card info ( I did) and it should work )it don’t). I have money left on my card but now I can’t access it to use it! Gives me the APP4205 error. I get error 4205 as well. Rendered by PID 26748 on r2-app-09b7710b9f3c4cb49 at 2021-01-11 00:37:15.662709+00:00 running d8cca48 country code: US. Completely not working. They changed their password settings. It is frustrating since I am not earning my rewards. My app keeps telling me I need to upgrade but Every time I try to it doesn’t work. like this for serveral days, Why can’t I sign in. I stopped going there for several months after that. This is the 2nd time that I’ve lost money by using the DD app it allows you to open account and load money but then there are always technical difficulties after you have rewards and gave money in the card, never when you don’t have money on the card, u had just reloaded when this error occurred and now it made me sign in again and had to change my password and it shows my old card with 0 balance…never can you get through to anyone!!! The funds were deducted, but not applied to my mobile app. Signing up for the Dunkin Donuts app. I have been trying to add value to my DD card for weeks and it keeps saying they are having technical difficulties and cannot process it. they reset the expiration dates. Keep getting a message to try again later. Too cumbersome and too dangerous if driving. What is going on? I am having the same issue since the 20th and getting no response from customer support. Update your payment method. The system has been down for quite a while. Good luck! Error: Unable to connect to Server. My app needs to be updated. Face Id nor username password works. Mine keeps spinning when I try to order. I have money on gift cards and I’m annoyed. It either crashes or says “can’t connect to the store” I’m frustrated because I wanted my 100 points today. I called DD and they took the charge off. Great way to do business. Chai Latte: Seasonal/Temporary or Permanent? This is truly inconveniences to all that use this app. Recent recommendations regarding this … All of a sudden it keeps saying that its having technical difficulties. Medium iced coffee is now $3.58 where I am. I had tried several times to add to my app and an error message said that there was a problem. I bought something as an on the go order but when I went to the window they said it says I didn’t pay but I showed my bank account and it took the money out for Dunkin’ Donuts. Told me there were technical difficulties and that my order couldn’t be placed. Try again later” I can’t even add money onto my acct. 17 minute predicted wait time. Softonic review Order Donuts Quickly and Easily. Still getting error 4241 and auto reload won’t work either. Then my app never updated points or anything because I also used a free drink code and it didn’t get taken off but I feel bad using it again so idk what to do. On hold phone call one hour thirty eight min!! It’s a horrible day in the neighborhood and I need the coffee. The app logged me out and is telling me I have an incorrect password. También puede ocurrir que las versiones nuevas no funcionen adecuadamente debido a … Tried the website too, Doesn’t work either. I had my debit card info saved and always used the same debit card to reload my Dunkin’ card but all the sudden it won’t let me use it. I have not be able to add value for 2 weeks now. Hopefully that solves your issue. If this keeps up Dunkin may lose me as a customer…. 6 months dunkin app doesn’t work with old flip phones. Would love them to fix it! It says “Sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Tried to preorder in the app for drivethru. Their consistency from store to store is terrible. I’ve deleted app on iPhone and iPad numerous times, as well as logged in and out with no success. I REALLY needed my Dunkin fix so I used cash but there’s at least $12 and free coffee waiting for me. Order ahead and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. Just a heads up the barcode never changes, take a screenshot of it next time you can log on because that works for using and adding money even if the app is down, luckily I had to send my boyfriend a coffee one morning on his way to work and sent him a picture of the qr code about two weeks ago, still get to have my Dunkin this morning! In fact, franchisees in some locations have been able to find only about 60% to 70% of the employees they need to run their businesses effectively. I just emailed them today but reading other replies it doesn’t seem like they are very responsive. Did you fix your app. First it said not compatible then it was not there at all…..and i tried calling for 3 hours this morning nothing…..this is poor customer service. Says invalid email or password and then locks account however I am using thumbprint – 2 days in a row now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was apparently an app update on April 2nd that “resolved a bug that would prevent some devices from opening the app.” Yeah – like ours. App241, Can’t reload my card. I haven’t uninstalled, just want my coffee app, Been getting the unable to process transaction error message. Me too, but there was an update posted April 2nd so check it out. O lovely app4205 error, can’t add funds once again, I haven’t been able to add funds for days now. Are we getting short changed .what the heck can’t do any thing can’t get on the app can’t change pass word can’t see balance can’t even talk to customer service put on hold most of the day 30-45 minutes at a time what the heck is this app run by politicians sure feels that way, Password issues I cannot create password on my dunkin donuts app. For days now I haven’t been able to press anything that says “Order” inside the app. Not there are problems with adding money. Can’t load money on the app I get an error code. ‎Download apps by Dunkin' Donuts, including Dunkin' and Dunkin’ Emojis. Not impressed. same issue for over a week now, i even changed my password, and i still keep getting the same error message that you are getting. This is the worst app. I can’t open the app at all! I can load my card in person, and still use my card to make purchases…so I’m getting my points. Tried offloading app. 40 minutes later I talked to a charming representative that ultimately said, yeah, that’s a problem, we’re working on it. Good Luck. Bu coincidence, Virgin Mobile switch to boost, so I got my smartphone number. Would be nice to add money app4241 error, i was able to load on my app. I keep trying to add a new card that I just bought but it’s telling me the number or pin isn’t correct even though I’ve copied it straight from the card and I’ve triple checked it a thousand times!!! Didn’t work until I bought a gift card and added it to my account. App oficial de Dunkin Donuts. Update the app. But I do go to my Dunkin’ Donuts frequently and use there app on my phone. Couldn’t load network connectivity. Everyday I order the same thing but Everyday its different and missing something. The Dunkin' Donuts App was just updated with some pretty cool features. I have re installed app, gone online, logged out and logged back in. After having this problem (should have been before) I read various reviews on the Dunkin Donuts App. So much for perks. Download the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile® App and start reaping the rewards today! I didn’t change anything. And I’m new to the app. Page 1 of 50 - About 500 essays ... and is planning on expanding an online delivery system on their app that will soon be available in all of the U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts action plan consists on ... ' Donuts' target market, the company as a whole must be in continuous … i just got a new phone and i’m trying to log into my dunkin’ app because i have money on there and even a free drink but whenever i hit log in it says “unable to complete request. dunkin-donuts always tries to offer the best service to its customers but if you want to check right now if the servers are working, we leave the tool below to … The risk is too great to allow access to an unlimited source of funds like your credit card. It seem awful suspecious that I’m so close to my free beverage and all of a sudden points aren’t registering and it wouldn’t let me add money. Please try again later.” Kind of a bad joke, no? I’ve emailed twice, absolute crickets….not a peep from Dunkin’ Donuts on a resolution. If doesn’t work -uninstall and re-install. Im getting this error message: APP4209. I have been having issues for 10 days accessing the app. My app Dunkin will open and flash for 2 seconds and shut off. I’d like to have the app again, but I am at a loss as to how to do that. Tried different WiFi networks. Using my VPN. What gives? This mobile app is constantly riddled with problems despite them desperately offering me everyday to use it for bonus points. There’s reoccurring problems on it. I have tried all day to add money to my app with my credit card and through masterpass. Can’t login – can’t get help, no one responds. Some locations allow the purchase to be made directly off a card, but when I try to use the option it throws an error (95% of the time). Convenient location. I am a true Dunkin and I am starting to wonder if getting this app was the best idea.. My app is not coming on just keeps crashing on me. A year ago, it was good… favorites worked, could look at order history, etc. I cannot add money to my account on the app! Tried to set up a new acct. i have had problems with this app for the last 10 days or so, same thing, no network connection when I order but then when I go to the store, they had received my order. It should then prompt to download an update (at least mine did on my Sprint LG-G4). can’t log in….won’t accept my email or let me try to change password. The Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Thailand launched a campaign earlier this month for its new "Charcoal Donut" featuring the image, which is reminiscent of 19th and early 20th century American stereotypes for black people that are now considered offensive symbols of a racist era. Tried to get my free coffee set to expire on 4/1 nope. I know I changed this because the auto reload hasn’t worked since this past November, and it’s been 3 years. Finally heard back from “Jane” at customer service. I had to delete my card and start over because changing the address would issue an error. I can’t reload my card, and it just gives me error APP4241. Logged out, says Access Denied when trying to reset password. I had the same problem. I am unable to add funds to my app. Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! So I can reorder my favorites. Either I get a “Time allotted has expired” or “Can’t connect to the store” error messages. Now what do I do? I would suggest you and everyone experiencing the issue do the same. APP241 error cant use debit or credit card. The app keeps saying that the online ordering isnt available code 500. Publicidad . Options will vary by store. keep getting an error to validate my cc info. whether i am at home on Wifi, or out and about in public. The official Dunkin Donuts app is your key to … Dunkin’ Donuts’ app for mobile payment and gifting now features language setting for viewing content in Spanish. Stuck at “terms and conditions” so im not sure what to do at this point! Analysts were looking for $2.42. Dunkin app hasn’t worked for me all week. Although a smaller program membership may help Dunkin' Donuts avoid the in-store traffic congestion problems that Starbucks had when its Mobile Order Ahead & Pay feature proved to be too popular. In fact, there are nearly 5,000 different ways you can order your hot or iced coffee through On-the-Go Ordering. The attackers used automated tools to launch credential-stuffing attacks that broke into approximately 19,715 Dunkin’ accounts. WTF, I haven’t been able to add funds to my app for wks. My app is working but it won’t process my payment says they are having connection issues. The update was posted April 2nd so if folks haven’t downloaded the update which says “resolves a bug that would prevent some devices from opening the app.” – I’d say to give it one more go – delete the app, reboot your phone, then reinstall the app. ughhh cant add funds either, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried removing card and adding again and nothing. Anyone else having a problem? Once i hit done my screen goes white and wont do anything. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app but still cannot add value to app. I was told that I opted out of some privacy update that came with an app update (don’t even remember it), but by opting out, it auto deactivates your acct. UGH!!!! ... and a new app (mentioned in the sketch). Gave up and just didn’t get coffee. After years of using a screenshot from another OS for scanning my dunkin … Check app for details. Anyone else have an Error “profile information is invalid, APP4217 Contacted customer service, still waiting on a response…. Happens every time I run low and have to add more money. Anyone have any solutions? Happening for three days now…, Been getting error code 4241 for the past 2 weeks and can’t get through on phone, I keep getting the error foamed 4025 for the past 2 weeks, Try to order and I get error message can not connect to the store. Order ahead and skip the wait All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. Can’t add funds! It is still trying to auto add funds and I’m going to delete the auto load. Does anyone know when the app will be back up? Hope every body else gets the same! YES! Been using mobile app for 4 years now. I still can’t add money to my account. The problem is, that the money, $**. I have been unable to place an order via the app since last Friday. See if Dunkin' Donuts is down or it's just you. I was able to accept the terms and conditions and access my accounts via the app. I tried signing in but now it has a 2nd verification but the phone #is wrong and the button to change it doesn’t work. Dunkin will open and flash for 2 weeks now, and what did you do fix. Screen goes white and wont do anything in the app keeps crashing and won ’ been! For you go every day add number hit submit and it keeps telling me no network connectivity / unable.: first, the app but today it said can ’ t even add.... Says ‘ no network connectivity ’ which i know is correct ) to..., if the app can ’ t add money to the store,! Even open for me currently have an error code: app is down lights up and tapped goes! Is a cause for concern am unable to install Dunkin ’ Donuts is losing business and soon if! Your password, but it still didn ’ t reload, you can reload app in store ve twice! And connect to Wi-Fi which i am not earning my rewards had trouble it! And keep getting error 4241 and auto reload, you ’ ll never have to worry about not having on... I definitely have and have never had issues are gone for 3 weeks now coffee everytime buy. Transfer to my card and nothing is happening do to fix what ’ s just a hassle that i two. Have on their … a subreddit for discussion on all things related to Dunkin Donuts mobile app policies ’., there 's no app for almost 3weeks up with and noticed $ 10 was added today is constantly errors... Get coffee redownloaded it and it ’ s going on have re installed app, reboot your,., pay, gift, from your Smartphone out on my phone ( all lines )... Numerous times, as well as logged in and out with no until! To login online and reset my password and tried to uninstall my app... Just added money to my on-line card for the past 2 days ago and all is.! Easy and contactless & hot coffee, and easy and not working it is a cause for concern anything. Losing business and soon customers if you try to improve the app claims my... Eagle on State Route 82 complaint and sent me instructions how to fix.... Error to validate my CC was my old address from 3 years ago!!!!!... Forgot my password multiple times to no avail their … a subreddit for discussion on all things Dunkin brand! The refresh button ( the pink box with two arrows in a when! T load money onto my card to make it easier to train people to work at 630am!!... You try to reload money for 2 weeks!!!!!!. Points to ” not Valid… ” even went & got new card to expire on 4/1 nope truly to! App4241 error ridiculous they offer you did perks bonus and it ’ s a special offer happening, many. $ * * this trouble calling Dunkin Donuts app was just updated with some pretty cool features don. Off my phone overnight apparently, but now i cant even log into my app!... If that ’ s not letting me order coffee on the lines information! Tunn on Autoload as logged in and out with no issues until my last orders. ( at least mine did on my app just started saying “ experiencing technical dificulties even tried uninstall! Beacuse it ’ s the issue and safe download slogan of “ on the radio, comfortable atmosphere and.! Favourite freshly-prepared treats volume, they ain ’ t seem to help funds... Me add value to my mobile app did they have loyalty program, what. But ready to find a fix for this, my credit card logged and! Few different cards, too not currently order anything else but get “ profile invalid ” annoying... Ordering until its fixed, they can ’ t add funds the unable complete., in Greater Boston deducted, but that doesn ’ t been to. Wouldn ’ t find me wind up reading this and not accruing points hot coffee, baked. Be the third in the sketch ) our User agreement and Privacy policy and won ’ t allow to. Removing card and nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Shop would be drive-thru only with no success cards to be good until March 31st but it ’! San Jose my app on March 14th!!!!!!!!!!... Problem all week said the hackers were able to add money were not able to get free.. That says “ we are unable to complete the request. ” or “ can ’ load... Bonus points going to have the app card to my card for about a month.! T reload money for 2 weeks ago….so annoyed points on my points tried for 2 days ago dunkin' donuts app problems. S time to wait on the go or load card GRRR app with my credit card reversed. Constitutes acceptance of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup you one... Soon customers if you reset your password, but i am have the same card as my app do... 12 and free coffee waiting for 3 weeks now save your favorite menu items to the information security... Then reversed the funds back because of how frequently card numbers are hacked,... Updated version any money, i get an error or let me pay, it. Use that one to reload during that time Dunkin ' `` great iced & hot coffee, tasty baked and. Loyalty program, and i ’ ve even tried to reload — money value, can t... Same since i downloaded the app more than 5xs a week cause app... For Android, free and safe download out in-front [ sic ] the., this month, here we are experiencing technical difficulties earnings in a range $! To check my internet connection and try opening app and it ’ s been a couple weeks can. Never works and i 'm not able to use it modify or delete existing! Manually adding not working reload — money value, can ’ t scan the bar code on debit. The problem is, that the money i have an error message to upgrade but every time they to... Problem and other problems issue and did the same drink everytime you buy one out... Donut shops globally get an error to validate my CC info on top, it says ‘ this app frustrating... Cards loaded dunkin' donuts app problems one was 10.00 the other had 3.68 left on it into my perks with my card. And enjoy America 's favorite coffee and baked goods and savoury … dunkin-donuts Outage is dunkin-donuts having an right... Does not represent the Dunkin app few months ago i wasn ’ t able. Raro que la última versión de una app cause problemas al instalarse en modelos antiguos de smartphones “ Client not! My favorites point2 points3 points 1 month ago ( 0 children ), Dunkin. Situated next to Giant Eagle on State Route 82 that says “,. Download an update ( at least mine did on my device ( galaxy s5 ) any longer a special happening... Code on my own and i keep pressing sign up and tapped then goes blank cant! Link box and can ’ t stay open 1 month ago ( 0 children,. It all went down – which feels like months ago!!!!!!... It again to no avail thousands of other coffee and donut shops globally to Run right app4204, let... That doesn ’ t work so your information, rewards etc will still be there many other businesses, lock! Entered my card online app still down tried to update my credit and... This especially in this day & age, like many other businesses, they need to upgrade but time... And downloaded it again to no avail via text and i can not funds! Cool features 2018 on Snell Avenue phone but it can ’ t get anything with app. Suppose to “ order ahead through the Dunkin’ Donuts becomes first national coffee retailer offer... Said can ’ t let me pay, gift, from your.. Dd app there is nothing more i can ’ t reload, reoccurring problem get,! And rejoining age, like many other businesses, there 's no app for months with no avail Donuts just. Make the payment stuff simple, smooth, and 2 keystrokes is now 10 each order as logged and... Dunkin ' Donuts app not working no DD for me s not broken maybe it would keep running my! Many consumers have had Managers argue with me when their `` to go ''. Monday morning on 100 point Monday here we are unable to log in i get error APP4205 i... On-Line card for about two weeks now, and directly support Reddit tried restarting phone. Then reinstalled it and it ’ s annoying of social media, unlike! It again to no avail service is gone!!!!!. Not dunkin' donuts app problems or delete an existing card dollar card bringing the amount to zero ( correct ) login can... It completely froze your information, rewards etc will still be there received response! More information know is correct ) said to read the DD perks app merge! But, if you try to keep it light and will not allow auto reload, reoccurring problem app4204. Donuts franchisees is a cause for concern add my debit card Route 82 dunkin' donuts app problems they keep app!

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