Figueres-Paris: 5 hours 30 minutes

Figueres, Spain / Paris, France

Pau Faus
Pere Grimau

Jean-P. Peynot
Mireia Plans

Amb el suport de
IV Beques Agita
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Bside Books

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“December 19th 2010. The first high-speed train between Spain and France departs Vilafant railway station (Figueres, Spain). Destination: Paris, Gare de Lyon. From now on, the 900 km. between Figueres and Paris will be done in 5 hours and 30 minutes. That same day, and from those same railway stations, two people started a simultaneos walking action. At the exact moment when the inaugural train departed, Pau Faus walked out from the Gare de Lyon (Paris, France) and started walking towards Figueres. At the same time, Pere Grimau walked out from Vilafant railway station (Figueres, Spain) and started walking towards Paris. Every 5 minutes both repeated simultaneously the same action: they stopped, they made a frontal picture of the place they were at, and they continued walking on their direction. The new temporal distance between Figueres and Paris framed the length of this double journey. 5 hours and 30 minutes later, when the train reached its destination, both walkers took their last picture and ended the journey wherever they were. During that time, each of them walked approximately what a high-speed train travels in 5 minutes”. This text introduces the book ‘Figueres-Paris: 5 hours 30 minutes’ edited and distributed by Bside books (limited edition 100 copies) and funded by the IV Agita grants of Figueres (Girona)

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