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‘Post-it City’
CCCB, Barcelona

‘Rieres/Rambles’ was a project by the collective ‘Observatorio Nómada Barcelona’ (Barcelona’s Nomad Observatory) that brought together, during its development and implementation, various persons and groups interested in the dynamics of growth of the city of Barcelona. The project consisted of five walking tours that, simultaneously and for three days, entered the city from its main natural access: The south coast, the river Llobregat, the Collserola mountain, the river Besos and the north coast.

The starting points of our walks, located about 40 kilometers away from Barcelona, were the villages of Sitges, Olesa, Viladecavalls, Llinars del Vallès and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. The territory covered by these populations is known as the second ‘growing-arch’ of Barcelona, a large metropolitan area that has adapted its urban plans to the needs of the big city. These changes, in the form of infrastructure, residential neighborhoods and industrial areas, have led to a suburban landscape in a constant state of change. ‘Rieres/Rambles’ aimed to document this urban transition. Over one hundred people participated in this exploration supported by the University of Barcelona (UB), the Elisava design school and the CCCB.

Map of the five walks

I was in charge of organizing and coordinating the Sitges-Barcelona walk. By that moment, I was travelling this exact route by train every day for work reasons. Our collective walk was a great personal opportunity to jump to the other side of the window and explore, by foot and during three days, my daily 40 minutes trip. The main interest of our route was the constant combination of large-scale elements (the Garraf quarries, the international airport at el Prat and the big infrastructure entering and exiting Barcelona) with the claims and daily dynamics of the different municipalities and territories we walked through. During our trip, we decided to collect various abandoned objects. This material was later on used to explain our journey to the rest of the groups.

The Garraf natural reserve (Siges)

Asland factory (Vallcarca)

The Garraf quarries (Sitges)

Dismantling informal gardens (Castelldefels)

Abandoned cars (Viladecans)

Road C-31 (El Prat)

Llobregat river (El Prat)

Empty land (Hospitalet)

Port railtracks (Barcelona)

Zona Franca neighborhood (Barcelona)

Collected objects and end of the route at the CCCB (Barcelona)

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