Taller de Juegos

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Les Salonnières

Buenos Aires

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Taller de Juegos

Taller de Juegos’ (Playground Workshop) was done next to the collectives ‘Las Salonnières’ (Barcelona) and ‘a77’ (Buenos Aires). The workshop was a community work for the conception and construction of a children’s playground next to the Galpón Cultural PiedraBuenArte (GCPBA) of Buenos Aires. The GCPBA is a self-managed local center made for the neighbors of the Luis Piedra Buena district. Through its cultural and artistic work, the GCPBA aims to strengthen social links within the neighborhood of thisurban environment with significant socioeconomic problems.

Following this ideas, the workshop was seen as a great opportunity. On one hand to create a new meeting point for and by the neighborhood, and on the other hand to link the GCPBA to different educational institutions. After several meetings, the project could count on the participation of all the public elementary schools in the neighborhood and of the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires.

Galpón Cultural PiedraBuenArte

Meeting the school teachers

Visiting the schools and presenting
the workshop

The workshop was divided in two parts of a week each. The first part, ‘Imagining the Game’ coordinated by the collective ‘Les Salonnières’, was about working with different groups of primary school students about the concept of ‘Game’. Many recreational activities were held around the GCPBA. Some design ideas started to appear. During that week, the kid’s begun to imagine the new playground through their games, dreams and designs.

Playing around the GCPBA

Imagining and designing the new playground

One of the many designs done by the kids

The second part, ‘Building the Game’ coordinated by the architects ‘a77′ and Pau Faus, was mainly attended by university students, primarily from architecture. The aim was here to interpret the ideas expressed during the first week of work by the kids, and try to build them. To do so, we had to meet with our ‘clients’ (the primary school children) to find out the way to formalize their demands. Their common demand was to imagine the game as a circuit where many activities were put together: climbing, sliding, screaming, swinging, jumping, etc.. We started testing some possibilities with the few material we had. Later on, we purchased (or borrowed from the neighbors) the necessary material to start building. Once the construction began, the constant presence of curious and anxious children around us, allowed us to ‘test’ continually the different parts of the playground. The whole work was completed only in five days.

Listening carefully to
the ‘clients’

of the kid’s ideas and designs

Building prototypes
with the help
of the children

Beginning of
the construction

Starting the
first floor

and eating

The kids testing the game and making some corrections

the slope
of the slide

All the participants in the construction workshop

After the construction was finished, we organized an opening day for the new Playground. During that day, students from the three schools of the district visited the game and checked out if any of what they had imagine was built there. Nowadays, the game is still working. We’ve been told that many changes had been done in order to adapt the playground to the local context. Hopefully those adjustments meant that we achieved our main goal, that is to create a new meeting point for the neighbors of the district.

Opening of the playground

Opening of the playground

The playground as it was finished during the workshop

The playground as it was finished during the workshop

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