Torre Bri/Collage


Festival eme3
IV Biennal de Vic

Silvia Bodei
Ale Caporale
Giovanni Coscia
Mireia Ferraté
Ramón Godó & Co
Tobi Hobi
Jean E. Leach
José M. López
Daniele Marx
Danilo Pioli
Martí Sanz
Filippo Sapienza

This project is a free-functional collective building, imagined as an architectural prototype and inspired by the DIY practice. The building consists exclusively of a vertical, hollow and free-occupational structure, where the “form” will appear (and disappear) depending on its various occupations/constructions. The sum of the terms ‘Bricolage’ (DIY) and ‘Collage’, allowed to imagine a combination between the autonomous/individual free and self-created elements, and the unpredictable relational/formal interaction between them.

‘Torre Bri/Collage’ was initially formalized as a series of images showing a fictitious growing sequence. In that intitial stage, time was to symbolized the need for a mutant construction, impossible to anticipate, that would adapt freely to the needs and interactions of its occupants. To do so, it was necessary to emphasize the relationship between the inhabitant and its lived space. The envelope was to be the ‘built expression’ of the bodies that inhabited it.

The second version of the tower was carried out in model. A 1:20 replica of the structure, of almost 2 meters high, was built. To test the possible occupations of the tower, an open call was made inviting anyone who wanted to occupy the structure. Twelve persons/teams took part in this experiment. Their constructions had to fit the volume of the tower’s parcels and had to be accompanied by a written text, real or fictional, that would explain the particularities of these new inhabitants of the structure.

Open call flyer

Images of the construction and fiting of the models

Final aspect of the tower (scale 1/20)

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