‘Prosthesis for a walker’
‘Puerto de las Artes’. Huelva (Spain)

 — Talleres

‘Prosthesis for a walker’ is a workshop led by Domènec, Pere Grimau and Pau Faus, within the 8th contemporary art festival ‘Puerto de las Artes’. The workshop proposes a collective exploration on foot through the city of Huelva and its urban environment, with a special emphasis on its areas of conflict. Our ultimate goal is to develop critical actions on the territory through the use of ‘prosthesis’, understood here as auxiliar elements to interpret the urban environment where they are applied.

After two days exploring and getting to know the city, we decide to try two approaches. Both share the desire of ‘making visible what is invisible’. On one hand, we make a signaling action by opening symbolically two smoke pots at the entrance of the phosphoplaster deposits of the city. These huge ponds of toxic waste are easily visible from above, but imperceptible from a flat point of view. In addition, we readapt a touristic postcard of Huelva that we have bought by showing there some parts/themes of the city ignored by its official representation. A thousand copies will be printed and sent to various institutions, groups and inhabitants of Huelva.

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