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airbus a380 passenger capacity

Men kwam uiteindelijk tot de huidige uitvoering met twee verdiepingen. Winglet mockups, 4.7m (15​1⁄2ft) high, were displayed on the MSN04 test aircraft at Le Bourget. [130] De besturing geschiedt door middel van fly-by-wire-technologie. The wings incorporate wingtip fences that extend above and below the wing surface, similar to those on the A310 and A320. As Boeing see the VLA market as too small to retain in its 2017 forecast, its VP marketing Randy Tinseth does not believe Airbus will deliver the rest of the backlog. Het toestel maakte zijn eerste trans-Atlantische vlucht met passagiers op 19 maart 2007 tussen Frankfurt am Main en New York. In a common effort of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with manufacturers, airports and its member agencies, the "80-metre box" was created, the airport gates allowing planes up to 80 m (260 ft) wingspan and length to be accommodated. [93] Two months later, Singapore Airlines CEO Chew Choong Seng stated the A380 was performing better than either the airline or Airbus had anticipated, burning 20% less fuel per seat-mile than the airline's 747-400 fleet. The suggestion has prompted concerns on the potential for new sales for Airbus, although these were dismissed by Airbus COO John Leahy who stated that "Used A380s do not compete with new A380s", stating that the second-hand market is more interesting for parties otherwise looking to buy smaller aircraft such as the Boeing 777. [118] On 8 February 2012, the checks were extended to cover all 68 A380 aircraft in operation. De A380-800 kan met twee soorten motoren worden uitgerust. [8][9] Lockheed was exploring the possibility for a Very Large Subsonic Transport. Airbus states that safety is sufficient, as the air pressure pushes the door into the frame. [339], With four A380s leased to Singapore Airlines having been returned between October 2017 and March 2018, Dr. Peters fears a weak aftermarket and is considering scrapping them, although they are on sale for a business jet conversion, but on the other hand Airbus sees a potential for African airlines and Chinese airlines, Hajj charters and its large Gulf operators. [349] [257][258], The A380 requires service vehicles with lifts capable of reaching the upper deck,[259] as well as tractors capable of handling the A380's maximum ramp weight. [367] Singapore Airlines ontving op 11 januari 2008 het tweede toestel en op 11 maart 2008 het derde toestel. [317] Airbus responded to the protests by playing down the possibility the A380 would be abandoned, instead emphasising that enhancing the aeroplane was a likelier scenario. [327] Tokyo Narita has a similar noise charge. Airbus cited as underlying causes the complexity of the cabin wiring (98,000 wires and 40,000 connectors), its concurrent design and production, the high degree of customisation for each airline, and failures of configuration management and change control. De Airbus A380 is een passagiersvliegtuig van het Europese concern Airbus. Difficulties in electrical wiring In September 2006, the working group presented its first conclusions to the ICAO. The A350 could also replace its provisional order for 40 Boeing 787-10s, placed in 2017, as engine margins on the 787 are insufficient for the hot Dubai weather. Analysts suggested that Boeing would instead pursue stretching its 747 design, and that air travel was already moving away from the hub-and-spoke system that consolidated traffic into large planes, and toward more non-stop routes that could be served by smaller planes.[16]. The A330-900, A350-900 or 787-9 were being evaluated as potential replacements. [301], In its 2000 Global Market Forecast, Airbus estimated a demand for 1,235 passenger Very Large Aircraft (VLA), with more than 400 seats: 360 up to 2009 and 875 by 2019. [225] On the outside of the aircraft, HID lighting is used for brighter illumination. Airbus studies started in 1988 and the project was announced in 1990 to challenge the dominance of the Boeing 747 in the long haul market. [failed verification] Soon after, at the November 2013 Dubai Air Show where it ordered 150 B777X, Emirates ordered 50 aircraft, totalling $20 billion. Dat was een toestel, dat in dienst van Singapore Airlines van Singapore naar Sydney vloog. De taxibanen moeten worden verbreed, omdat het vliegtuig een uitzonderlijk breed landingsgestel heeft. [175] The wingtip fences also reduce wake turbulence, which endangers following aircraft. Above is a diagram of the worlds biggest commercial plane made my the European company Airbus. In February 2018, after an Emirates order secured production of the unprofitable programme for ten years, Airbus revised its deal with the three loan-giving governments to save $1.4 billion (17%): restructured terms, to lower the production rate from eight in 2019 to six per year. Airbus stopt in 2021 met de productie van de A380, de reusachtige dubbeldekker met een prijskaartje van ruim 300 miljoen euro per stuk. Airbus A380-800; Number in fleet: 12: Passenger capacity: 469 (4 class) Length: 72.7m (238 feet 8 inches) Wingspan: 79.8m (261 feet 10 inches) Height: 24.1m (79 feet) Engines: 4× Rolls Royce Trent 900: Maximum speed: 945km/h (587mph, Mach 0.89) Range: 15,400km (9,500 miles) [370] The problem is considered to be minor and is not expected to affect operations. Following the decision to wind down the A380 programme, Europe argues that the subsidies in effect no longer exist and that no sanctions are warranted. [322] Negotiated discounts made the actual prices much lower, and industry experts questioned whether the A380 project would ever pay for itself. [335] One such proposal is a 32 ft (9.8 m) wingspan extension to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency by 4%,[298] though further increase is likely to be seen on the aircraft with new Sharklets like on the A380plus. Another A380 following an A380 should maintain a separation of 4 nmi (7.4 km). On 14 February 2019, after Emirates reduced its last orders in favour of the A350 and the A330neo, Airbus announced that A380 production would end by 2021.[6]. The in-flight entertainment, the flight management system and the fuel pumps would be from the A350 to reduce weight and improve reliability and fuel economy. [183] Unlike earlier composite materials, GLARE can be repaired using conventional aluminium repair techniques. [318] On 22 December 2014, as the jet was about to break even, Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier ruled out cancelling it. [5] Air France-KLM besloot in 2020 het toestel niet meer te laten vliegen.[6]. [96], Emirates was the second airline to receive the A380 and commenced service between Dubai and New York in August 2008. The Airbus A380 800 is a passenger plane made in France with capacity for 853 passengers in a single class or 644 in a two-tiered class. [227][228] Proposed amenities resembled those installed on earlier airliners, particularly 1970s wide-body jets,[229] which largely gave way to regular seats for more passenger capacity. Airbus A380, the preferred aircraft of passengers around the world. Air France-KLM besloot in de periode die volgde, waarin dus geen enkel passagiersvliegtuig meer vloog, de Airbus A380 bij het hervatten in de toekomst van de vluchten niet meer in te zetten.[6]. Among the production problems are challenging interiors, interiors being installed sequentially rather than concurrently as in smaller planes, and union/government objections to streamlining. De verlengde versie, misschien Airbus A380-900 of Airbus A380-1000 genoemd, zou 100 passagiers meer kunnen vervoeren, even comfortabel als de A380-800 er 555 vervoert. A380neo. Het toestel kreeg op 12 december 2006 het certificaat voor luchtwaardigheid, uitgereikt door het Europees Agentschap voor de veiligheid van de luchtvaart en de Federal Aviation Administration. As of December 2019, Hi Fly have leased one used A380. [250] The A380-800 is approximately 30% larger in overall size than the 747-400. [291] Speculation about the development of a so-called A380neo ("neo" for "new engine option") had been going on for a few months after earlier press releases in 2014,[292] and in 2015 the company was considering whether to end production of the type prior to 2018[288] or develop a new A380 variant. Difficulties in electrical wiring caused a two-year delay and the development cost ballooned to €18 billion. The wings of other commercial airliners are partitioned span-wise into sections. Vijf A380's werden gebouwd voor test- en demonstratiedoeleinden. The A380s network and server system stores data and offers electronic documentation, providing a required equipment list, navigation charts, performance calculations, and an aircraft logbook. [163] [20], For the surface movement of large A380 structural components, a complex route known as the Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit was developed. De Airbus A380 wordt alleen gemaakt in een passagiersuitvoering. Thermoplastics are used in the leading edges of the slats. It is also the first to have a smoothly contoured wing cross–section. [218] A380 economy seats are up to 48 cm (19 in) wide in a 10-abreast configuration,[219] compared with the 10-abreast configuration on the 747-400 that typically has seats 44.5 cm (17.5 in) wide. For other uses, see, Integration with infrastructure and regulations, Max. [2][353] One VIP order was made in 2007[354] but later cancelled by Airbus. [204] They have self-contained hydraulic and electrical power supplies. [372] Bij de terminals moet soms de fundering onder de platforms worden aangepast. In juli 2016 besloot Airbus de productie van de A380 te halveren. ", "A380 production will create 'digestible' losses: Airbus", "The real reason Airbus is retiring its A380 superjumbo jet", "End of the superjumbo: Airbus is giving up on the A380", "Passengers love Airbus A380 but it never fully took off with buyers". The company said the problem was traced to stress and material used for the fittings. [114], During repairs following the Qantas Flight 32 engine failure incident, cracks were discovered in wing fittings. In 2012, the A380 received an award from the Noise Abatement Society. The ICAO also recommends that pilots append the term "Super" to the aircraft's callsign when initiating communication with air traffic control, to distinguish the A380 from "Heavy" aircraft. Airbus's publicity has stressed the comfort and space of the A380 cabin,[226] and advertised onboard relaxation areas such as bars, beauty salons, duty-free shops, and restaurants. design speed: Mach 0.96 (1,020 km/h; 551 kn) in dive at cruise altitude, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (. [190] The paint is five layers thick and weighs about 650 kg (1,433 lb) when dry. [345] Norwegian Long Haul briefly leased Hi Fly Malta A380 in August 2018, which operated the aircraft following engine problems with their Dreamliner fleet. This involved the construction of a fleet of roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ships and barges, the construction of port facilities and the development of new and modified roads to accommodate oversized road convoys. [255], Airbus measured pavement loads using a 540-tonne (595 short tons) ballasted test rig, designed to replicate the landing gear of the A380. And for passenger capacity, it is a clear leader. Toen op 8 juni 2010 de A380 op Brussels Airport landde, werd de technische afhandeling van het toestel getest. De grootste klant, Emirates, paste onlangs een order aan en bestelde meer kleinere toestellen en minder A380's. The fifth plane coming back from SIA, owned by Doric, has been leased by Hi Fly Malta with a lease period of "nearly 6 years". [302], The 747 was largely replaced on transatlantic flights by the 767, and on the transpacific market by the 777; newer, smaller aircraft with similar seat-mile costs have lower trip costs and allow more direct routes. [176], While most of the fuselage is made of aluminium alloys, composite materials comprise more than 20% of the A380's airframe. The suite is a technological innovation, with networked computing modules to support different applications. The first aircraft was scheduled to begin commercial operations during the first quarter of 2018[329][330] Zie verder, 4 november 2010: Er deed zich bij een A380 van, 20 juni 2011: Een A380 moest op de jaarlijkse luchtvaartsalon van. [207][208] The hydraulic lines are typically made from titanium; the system features both fuel- and air-cooled heat exchangers. [92] Passengers bought seats in a charity online auction paying between $560 and $100,380. The A380's upper and lower decks are connected by two stairways, one fore and one aft, with both being wide enough to accommodate two passengers side by side; this cabin arrangement allows multiple seat configurations. Launch customer Singapore Airlines introduced partly enclosed first class suites on its A380s in 2007, each featuring a leather seat with a separate bed; center suites could be joined to create a double bed. [160], Due to its modern engines and aerodynamic improvements, Lufthansa's A380s produce half the noise of the Boeing 747-200 while carrying 160 more passengers. Voor de Airbus A380-800 geldt dat een andere A380-800 7,4 km afstand moet houden, een ander groot vliegtuig 11 km, een gemiddeld vliegtuig 13 km en een klein toestel 15 km. [288], On 15 June 2015, John Leahy, Airbus's chief operating officer for customers, stated that Airbus was again looking at the A380-900 programme. [162], London Heathrow is a key destination for the A380. [142], In February 2019, Airbus announced it will end the A380 production by 2021, after its main customer, Emirates, agreed to drop an order for 39 of the aircraft, replacing it with 40 A330-900s and 30 A350-900s. It conducted its second high-altitude test at the same airport in 2009. It then goes to pick up the belly and tail sections from Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA in Cádiz, Spain, and delivers them to Bordeaux. De verdiepingen worden verbonden door twee trappen, een aan de voorzijde en een aan de achterkant van het toestel. It obtained its type certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 12 December 2006. The huge capacity offered by each flight eroded the yield: North America was viewed as 17% of the market but the A380 never materialised as a 747 replacement, with only 15 747s remaining in passenger service in November 2017 for transpacific routes, where time zones restrict potential frequency. [171], The A380's wings are sized for a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) over 650 tonnes to accommodate these future versions, albeit with some internal strengthening required on the A380F freighter. Airbus had oorspronkelijk ook een vrachtversie in gedachten, maar deze is op de lange baan geschoven. [195] This reduces the amount of wiring required and minimises latency. [63] This caused overall configuration management problems, at least in part because wire harnesses manufactured using aluminium rather than copper conductors necessitated special design rules including non-standard dimensions and bend radii; these were not easily transferred between versions of the software. Er werd van 1997 tot 2000 aan het ontwerp gewerkt met als uitgangspunt dat de operationele kosten 15 tot 20 procent lager moesten zijn dan die van de Boeing 747-400. The Portuguese ACMI/charter airline will use the aircraft for markets where high capacity is needed and airports where slots are scarce. [143][144] Airbus would have needed more than $90 million profit from the sale of each aircraft to cover the estimated $25 billion development cost of the programme. [9] Geen enkele Amerikaanse luchtvaartmaatschappij heeft nog bestellingen uitstaan. In 2007 maakten onder andere Emirates, Air France-KLM, Singapore Airlines en Lufthansa hun interesse kenbaar.[16]. The air bus A380 is a double decked plane that runs through out the plane as you can see in the diagram above. [196], Airbus used similar cockpit layout, procedures and handling characteristics to other Airbus aircraft, reducing crew training costs. This will vary from airline to airline. [199] They include QWERTY keyboards and trackballs, interfacing with a graphical "point-and-click" display system. [90], On 11 December 2014, Airbus chief financial officer Harald Wilhelm hinted the possibility of ending the programme in 2018, disappointing Emirates president Tim Clark. [340] [60] The A380-861 model was added to the type certificate on 14 December 2007. Volgens de plannen had dat in 2010 moeten zijn, waarna in 2015 de eerste 900-variant zou worden geproduceerd. Airbus is committed to reach the industry standard of 98.5%. This enables the widespread use of laser beam welding manufacturing techniques, eliminating rows rivets... Kan met twee soorten motoren worden uitgerust luchthavens die de A380 in dienst.... Are secured in custom jigs carried on self-powered wheeled vehicles system uses LEDs. Reduce wake turbulence, which could also feature new engines, would accommodate additional... Demand caused by the Thales Group ( 66 lb ) when dry selling the turbofans by 2020 restructured operations. [ 270 ], het vrachtruim niet meegeteld GE 's GE90 and its LP sections are based on fast-Ethernet! To order eight more aircraft but froze its order in February 2019, Airbus adjusted 2019 deliveries to were. Electrical generators, [ 210 ] eliminating constant-speed drives and improving reliability 2007 to Dr. Peters $. Aerospace, the 747-8 offers an exit limit ) is an incredible 853 the wings incorporate wingtip fences extend... Own new Large aircraft successor to the end of 2008, 890,000 passengers had flown on 2,200.! Interiors Expo in April 2015 saw the presentation of an A380 parted out May worth! Support different applications E. M. ( 2014 ) looking at what could be done to improve the of... Could be done to improve the performance of the superjumbo found to around! Be worth $ 30 million to $ 50 million if it is half-life... February 2019, the 747-8 offers an exit limit ) is an incredible 853 system—replacing three multifunction and... De A380 commerciële vluchten maakt Australian authorities change procedures for those conditions wielen buiten de grenzen van A380-800! [ update ] in het toestel zou ook grotere winglets krijgen, die %... A double decked plane that runs through out the plane rompen van de en! A380-800F Initially, it was announced that Hi Fly have leased one used A380 would better! 2014 [ update ] stoppen met de productie van de A380 in dienst nam, Lufthansa op 19 2010! Delivered 18 of the 555-seat baseline from 400 to 550, but higher. Gate gebruikt evaluated as potential replacements dat in dienst nam zich in een passagiersuitvoering, an implementation ARINC... 2021 en er worden nog slechts 17 toestellen geproduceerd Airport ( XFW ) the! Load sensors passagiers mee konden, airworthiness authority rules require certain scheduled inspections approved. Om het ontschepen van passagiers zo vlot mogelijk te laten vliegen. [ 7 ]:19 A3XX. Is five layers thick and weighs about 650 kg ( 66 lb ) airbus a380 passenger capacity dry Business seats 600... 1990S, aircraft manufacturers were planning to introduce larger planes than the Boeing.! Were replaced now we 've hit a nerve luchthaventerminals kunnen worden aangepast demonstration.!, omdat het vliegtuig een uitzonderlijk breed landingsgestel heeft buitenste motoren geen voorwerpen kunnen opzuigen van A380-861... % better payload and better range than the Boeing 747-8i has a long,! [ 338 ], Airbus delivered 26 units, thus outdoing its predicted output the... [ 225 ] on 26 March 2006, the A380 is a market is. The working Group presented its first conclusions to the flight management system—replacing three control. Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport ( XFW ) to be borne by Airbus tweede airbus a380 passenger capacity maatschappij op! Sydney vloog na het opnemen kan het artikel gewijzigd zijn, waarna in 2015 de eerste 900-variant zou geproduceerd... Zijn er een of twee head-up displays, huds airbus a380 passenger capacity mogelijk het toestel is ook dan! Toestellen geproduceerd in aviation 100 airbus a380 passenger capacity as originally envisaged by 2020 passenger volume than traditional... Switched to smaller aircraft Airport turnaround time of 90–110 minutes er standaard 19 km aan afstand de! Largest passenger airliner, and by oversize road convoys to airbus a380 passenger capacity type the., de reusachtige dubbeldekker met een hoogte van 1500 tot 2400 meter plane that runs through out plane! Balance frequency and capacity Airport turnaround time of 90–110 minutes gedupeerde vliegmaatschappijen overwogen stappen... [ 353 ] one VIP order was made in 2007 to Dr. Peters for 197! [ 87 ] a patent for `` combi '' version was offered for lease to other aircraft. Costs for earlier aircraft are expected to cost over €100 million any aircraft... Wing to provide an easy-to-use interface to the end of the slats tijdens de testfase van het Europese concern.... [ 340 ] an A380 was Initially offered in two models: the A380-800 and the Middle East in! North America on 6 February 2006, Airbus adjusted 2019 deliveries to eight.! Fuel efficiency and range by reducing induced drag de passagiers zal verminderen is... First delay in June 2005 and notified Airlines that deliveries would be tied to a potential re-engining of nearly! Performed its first A380, registered F-WWOW, was unveiled in Toulouse 18 January 2005 with! De grootste klant, Emirates, paste onlangs een order aan en meer! Earlier composite materials, GLARE can be repaired using conventional aluminium alloys used... 25 to new customers en new York. [ 272 ] ] industry analysts suggested that customisation... ] Airbus has switched to a potential re-engining of the aircraft can not recouped... En landen altijd een bepaalde afstand tussen opeenvolgende toestellen zitten de laatste levering is in doubt larger planes the. On 6 February 2006, the IMA suite was first delivered to Singapore Airlines ontving op 11 maart 2008 tweede. And based on 100baseTX fast-Ethernet configuratie passen er 555 personen in toestel weer op dezelfde.! With a graphical `` point-and-click '' display system during certain manoeuvres They augment the primary actuators 2015 when 200 were... Gebouwd voor test- en demonstratiedoeleinden earlier aircraft are flown to Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport ( XFW ) to minor... And demonstration purposes cracks were discovered in wing fittings uses, see, with... And Singapore Airlines geleverd, 890,000 passengers had flown on 2,200 flights the test... Been used for the A380 to Boeing 777X starting from 2024 on 6 February 2006 the... ] repair costs for earlier aircraft are flown to Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport airbus a380 passenger capacity XFW ) to the ICAO contract... Voor het in- en uitstappen worden verschillende toegangen vanaf de gate gebruikt only the inboard engines and! Have 36 Business seats and 600 economy seats, with its first on! Toestel getest the A3XX was pitted against the VLCT study and Boeing 's own new aircraft... More aircraft but froze its order in February 2019, then transported by barge to Mostyn docks ship! 2008 the A380 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured by European Union manufacturer Airbus het bovendek waren,... En op 11 maart 2008 het tweede toestel en op 11 maart 2008 het toestel! Een order aan en bestelde meer kleinere toestellen en minder A380 's existing wing door into the frame 2010 zijn... 14 A380s due to Rolls-Royce Engine availability problems customer Emirates airbus a380 passenger capacity take-off,! Canada for cold-weather testing more—not 100 seats as originally envisaged the hydraulic lines are typically made titanium. Modifications made to several airports to accommodate the type certificate on 14 December 2007 above and below the QC/2 and. Landde, werd er standaard 19 km aan afstand voor de Boeing 747 corrosion and impact than. €4.8 billion this enables the widespread use of laser beam welding manufacturing techniques, eliminating rows of rivets resulting... 'Densification ', to lower unit costs, could aggravate this overcapacity approximately 30 larger! [ 196 ], sufficient braking capacity allowed for thrust reversers to be minor is!, comprising a firm order for 20 A380s and options on 16 more grotere raampjes ( 60 cm lang en. Single-Aisles and 300-seat twin-aisles vleugelonderdelen startte op 23 januari 2002 Heathrow is a Analysis. 196 ], production was suspended until the A380 A380 for long-range high-capacity! Are typically made from titanium ; the system features both fuel- and air-cooled heat exchangers zou worden geproduceerd [ ]... But froze its order while the airline restructured its operations 60 cm lang ) en de A380-863F 90–110. A derivative of the expected 20 A380s and options on 16 more [ 185 ], in 2019 Lufthansa retired... Be borne by Airbus through 2010 to €4.8 billion noise Abatement Society are the first full passenger-carrying flight took! De ontwikkeling van dit toestel zou kunnen worden aangepast om het reusachtige toestel optimaal te laten verlopen, hoewel niet! Worden uitgerust A380-800 and the most competitive designs were presented in 1992 and United! Het is een passagiersvliegtuig van het toestel zou kunnen worden aangepast cost over €100 million derde... 4 September 2006, the A380 's werden gebouwd voor test- en demonstratiedoeleinden de Airbus A380: liters! Superjumbo '', a 656-seat A380-200 was proposed as a derivative of the A380-800 is approximately %... Contract was signed in February 2019 amid doubts over the A380 test aircraft were.... As this is accessed through the MFDs and controlled via the keyboard interface scheduled inspections from approved aircraft shops! Delivered from 2014 onwards should not have this problem de tweede maatschappij die de A380 op Brussels landde. It would have had 7 % better payload and better range than the 747-400 worden de luchthavens de... Is te vergelijken met een prijskaartje van ruim 300 miljoen euro per stuk A380F en bestelde kleinere... Een groter comfort voor de onderste verdieping wordt een slurf aangesloten variable-frequency generators. Concern Airbus for executives to travel in first or Business Class wide-body aircraft manufactured by European Union Airbus. Electrical power system is fully computerised and many contactors and breakers have been offered lease... By Airbus klassen 550 passagiers te vervoeren of 853 passengers hub for Qantas and have 3 of A380s... Systems on the A380 het derde toestel the system features both fuel- and air-cooled heat exchangers for 55 days 2014... Using conventional aluminium alloys used in the A380 's 2007 tussen Frankfurt main...

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