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braun thermoscan not working

I tested it on several healthy people and it reads great. If so, you might want to verify that the temperature ranges are accurate. Forums > Mums & Kids > Braun thermoscan system ... 22nd February 2011 17:48 Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. Braun Ear thermometer lens filters (probe covers) x 100 - Fit Braun IRT and Welch Allyn Thermoscan Thermometers, including: Welch Allyn Pro 4000, Welch Allyn Pro 3000, Welch Allyn Pro 6000, Braun IRT4520 Thermometer. And I really appreciated the pictures as well. You can then join the two by melting one or two strands of wire into each bit of solder. That’s a system error, so it’s probably faulty. 5.1 How does Braun ThermoScan work? Perhaps wipe the circuit board and connectors with a damp cotton bud to see if significant amounts of residue show up (there should be little to none). ? Thank you so much. Mine has never failed since, it’s still running. It started complaining about low batteries and shutting off, despite me replacing with new batteries that I checked had plenty of charge. Thank you very much. Yes, solder should work, but perhaps a small piece of kitchen foil might be enough to bridge the damage? How do I change from ferinhieght to celcius? Keep the cheapos for everything else! Also I put cheap coles batteries into it, but they are brand new, so still should be fine? The light will remain solid for 3 seconds to indicate that a successful temperature reading has been achieved. AMAZING! Clinical research shows that the definition of fever changes with a child’s age. Thanks for the fix description and the great pics! Thanks for posting this! Thank you Kevin. Then apply some solder to the trace, and also to what remains of the gold square. The New Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 ear thermometer featuring advanced measurement technology, has the speed and simplicity you need to capture accurate and reliable temperature readings in a … The light will remain solid for 3 seconds to indicate that a successful temperature reading has been achieved. Thank you so much for explaining how to do this. Add a chain to UFW to block intrusion attempts, Arduino Yun, Dragino 2 (MS14), and Carambola2 Notes. My wife thinks I’m a genius. thank you! But the light stays on until the moment it gets a reading and then the backlight turns off immediately. Or just compare with a known-good thermometer, if you have one to hand. My 8-year old thermoscan started working again. That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. Although I didn’t see any corrosion on the contacts, I scraped them with a flat screwdriver in any case and it works fine now. Rubbed the corrosion off with my finger nail and voila, the thermoscan powered up and works like it was new. If the pin is stuck in place, or is not pressing in, then maybe wiggle it gently with tweezers. ExacTemp light will pulse while temperature is in progress. If anyone had a suspected ear infection, obviously I’d take more care. It helped me to fix my bent spring contacts. The pre-warmed tip is essential in the Thermoscan for a couple of reasons. Would love for u to put up a utube video so its easily follow able. I am searching through online and found about your post. I did a little extra scraping. Also, holding the power button for 10 or 20 seconds is a common way for designers to add a hard reset to electronic devices. For the next measurement, press Eject button to remove and discard used lens filter, and put on a new, clean lens filter. I did add a drop off of DEOXIT to each contact . My Braun ear thermometer isn't working. Cleaning the Probe Tip 3. Problems & Solutions A bit of wire soldered on would have prevented this product from failing prematurely. It was just dead. I would have thrown away the thermometer but thanks to this less than five minutes operation, it is back to live again. I read recently that vaccines (e.g. But the light stays on until the moment … It could depend on humidity levels in your area of the world I suppose, but hey – you know how to fix it now. Hope you can help. You won’t need to use much solder, just make sure the wire is cleanly joined, and no more. For anyone like me who’s unfamiliar with DeoxIt, it’s an electrical contact cleaner. I scraped off as much as I could and it works perfectly now. I fixed mine in a few minutes and my family is glad we can reuse it although we have purchased another brand which is more expensive but less accurate than the current one. Its working fine now! Hey, I just learned the model number is 4520. Glad it was helpful – the original model really is so much better. Failing that, I can’t think of much else – I wouldn’t recommend trying to fix a medical device, other than simple mechanical issues. That being said, before binning it, you could take the batteries out and leave overnight – when batteries get very low, microcontrollers can misbehave and end up in an unpredictable state. The thermometer does not work unless you have the lens filter. Scraped all the corrosion off and tried again but still kept giving the error. Good news! Thanks. question – how much more time were u able to squeeze out of the your thermometer after scraping off the corrosion? Glad it helped! I’m battling to get a screw driver to open it up but will try tom at hardware . If any feel sticky, or don’t seem to noticeably click, try using a tiny drop of WD-40 (or similar) solvent and wiggle the button with a pin to see if it frees up much. Doesn't give correct reading. ), and I don’t think it’s worth buying specifically for this job, particularly since we’re just cleaning battery terminals (though it makes sense to use a contact cleaner if you do have one already). WOW, TY. Thanks a lot. Thank you, still useful. Thank you. I’ve put a new cover on like the troubleshooting says to no avail. It’s very frustrating. Assuming this is a more recent Thermoscan with a multi-coloured backlight, it might be that one of the LEDs is faulty – e.g. I found out that my braun thermometer had a battery leak and corroded one of the metal contact on the circuit. Parents/guardians should call the pediatrician upon noticing any unusual sign(s) or symptom(s). My thermoscan wasn’t turning o. I’m sorry, I’ve never seen inside one of those. Braun IRT 6520 Ear ThermoScan 7, Age Precision 4.1 out of 5 stars 49. However, since you have already dismantled your device once, you could easily write up something similar to post elsewhere. Then solder the tinned threads to the pad and snip them to leave fresh points of contact. Note: The Braun ThermoScan ® will not work unless a lens filter is attached. Really pleased to hear that it helped. Saved me a 100 dollars. • Do not expose the thermometer to temperature extremes below - 4 °F or over 122 °F ( - 20 / 50 °C) or excessive humidity ( > 95 % RH non-condensing). You should consider putting these instructions and images on iFixit which would make them even easier to find. Thanks for posting this valuable information. Wait until it’s fully dry before testing. It is awesome when people like you freely share your knowledge to help others – chapeau! I try to take out the battery and put back again, it still doesn’t work. This fix has saved me from having to buy one with inflated prices during this Covid-19 outbreak. I have the Braun Exactemp model 6020 and for some reason suddenly it’s keep flashing the green light & screen. Thank you. I never got a low battery message. I have an older braun thermoscan themother model H. Braun Thermometer HM 4. Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters need to be replaced after every reading to ensure hygienic and accurate results. Even if I had one, I’d probably not recommend trying to repair it if there’s a problem with the sensor. Managed to fix my Braun irt 4520. I used edge of a screwdriver then a pencil eraser. Braun Digital Ear thermometer – IRT16520. Thank you so much – I didnt get battery corrosion but my 12 year old thermoscan “died” last year when changing batteries. They so rarely need changed that it’s better to pay for a quality brand. I also found this model of Thermoscan to be the most accurate I’d used. View and Download Braun 6022 owner's manual online. You could try checking that the tip itself is clean (e.g. Powered by WordPress & Skyrocket Themes. Something like pointing it towards a metal flask of water of known temperature. You’ll see the traces, and zooming in might show cracks in the copper. Pls help. I have been searching for solution. Praise be to God, I found your post, tried your solution, and thank God it worked! It really helps! months? With two small kids we need a reliable thermometer!! Braun ThermoScan® PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer. Thank you for the post. Thanks for the great photos, made it easy and possible for me! She was so happy when it was fixed. One corner too many cut in production, I think. Love this thermometer but being an electronics engineer and looking at the circuit board and overall design of how it powers up I agree with the comment that the design is poor for expecting a long term product life. Was kind of sad when I just could not get the Thermoscan 6022 to start up after changing batteries. I just fixed two old models with your tips. Hi Kevin, im having the same battery problem as yours in the same model. Where the battery touches the terminals, I’d use a file or a small screwdriver to scrape away any corrosion. It worked liked a charm. Ansicht Und Herunterladen Braun Thermoscan Irt 6020 Handbuch Online. The light will remain solid for 3 seconds to indicate that a successful temperature reading has been achieved. I tried your method to fix our old one – it worked like a charm. Also for: Thermoscan irt 4520, Thermoscan irt 4020. did it last a few more years? Thank god I found your forum I was actually thinking of buying a new one, I followed your instructions it was actually the spring contacts that got “loose” and was having problem to contact with the PCB board. Not too skilled with solder gun. My first suggestion is to reset the thermometer by removing the batteries and replacing them with new batteries. Never submerge this thermometer in water or any other liquid. I can’t say what might be causing that. I cleaned it of and it now works perfectly. The word ready won't show up, and when it does it won't take the temp. Thanks for this. My Braun Thermoscan is now functioning again! I would like to make it as reference. It Also Varies From Person To Person And Fl Uctuates Throughout The Day. I have an HM-2 brand and I have lost the owners manual so I have no idea what is wrong with it or how to make it work. Thanks. ... fine the last time it was used approx back in feb/March time however when I have gone to use it on my son today it is not working properly. Our Braun is nearly 10 years old already and stopped working with no warning. I’d look for signs of leaking batteries, both at the battery terminals and on the board. We’re all using our several year old Thermoscan a few times a day now, just to check for fever. Thank you so much! My Thermoscan was coming up with the POS error all the time and when opened up realised the battery connectors were corroded. The New Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 ear thermometer featuring advanced measurement technology, has the speed and simplicity you need to capture accurate and reliable temperature readings in a comfortable way for patients. You may have to look closely to see, but if you squeeze the top half of the case near the bottom end of the unit, you should be able to prise them apart quite easily. 1,003 Problems and Solutions thermoscan. While there may be components that could be replaced with good soldering skills and suitable replacement parts, my opinion is that it’s not worth the risk of false readings where someone might be running a high temperature. I have the Braun Exactemp and for some reason suddenly it’s been giving me a reading of HI – no matter what the answer is always HI! I bought an omron thermometer meanwhile, and its horrible. Unless in the ear canal properly, it gives odd readings. We are so happy to have it back to life! it was exactly what you said – corrosion. Everyone has their own normal temperature range, and this range also varies throughout the day. If i could, what should i do ? Hi.. Quick Overview. Amazing, another one saved from landfill at a time when another cant be sourced. Braun ThermoScan® PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer. Neither pair of tabs need much force to separate – much easier to do than to describe! The thermometer is ready to take a temperature when the display looks like the following image: 6 4 Fit the probe snuggly into the ear canal, then push and release the Start button . Note: The Braun ThermoScan will not work unless a lens filter is attached. Thank you very much for the help Kevin! You have to take a lot of care with damaged pads, not to rip them up. Assuming the batteries and contacts are good, and that the unit is clean, you might want to check there are no sticky buttons when the case is dismantled. Thanks for helping me fix it. no ads or tracking). In addition to scraping the contacts with a screwdriver, I used a small nail file built into a set of fingernail clippers. There are three – the power on/off, the button to take a reading, and there’s also a button (of sorts) that senses when a cover has been clicked into place. Really appreciate you replying. Googled searched lots of website before finding this page. Braun ThermoScan measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. Although I don’t know anything about Coles batteries, I wouldn’t generally use bargain bin batteries in a medical device. You are awesome! Braun Thermoscan Irt 6020 Online-Anleitung: Body Temperature. Often this kind of feedback indicates a broken connection somewhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you….. I’ve tried very thing to make it stop and it won’t. A torch and a magnifying glass might help you look over the device up close. When i then pressed the button some options came up and one was CAL. Cleaning the Body and Accessories 4. Thank you! Thanks. I had worried about trying to locate another one right now, but this fixed it. I have verified that it not the temperature with another thermometer. Hopefully now I will get a few more years out of it. After initial cleaning, it turned on (it wouldn’t turn on before) but was flashing low battery. I took it apart and after trying some other online suggestions to no avail, found your page and, sure enough, the left connection was corroded. Ours just stop working all together one day. Also for: Thermoscan irt 4520, Thermoscan irt 4020. We rarely change the cover, since it’s only used in our household – an alcohol wipe can be used to clean it. Otherwise, it seems likely the sensor circuitry is faulty, which is not something that I’d bother trying to fix, given that it’s a medical device. If yours is not pressing in, then it must be obstructed somehow. Followed it and it is working and giving realistic reads again. I hadn’t thought about possible price-gouging and shortages of these things, but I suppose there’s no depths too far to descend for some people to make a few quid. ExacTemp TM light will pulse while temperature is in progress. Anyone had similair problem? Thank you very much!!! It is easy to determine normal temperature range using the Braun ThermoScan. Any ideas on how to fix this? The image below shows the location of the screw in the battery compartment, that when removed will allow you to open the thermometer casing, which separates into the two halves. We’ve been using this thermometer for over 15 years. I have had my thermoscan since 2000 – impressive! Thanks so much for this. If green is faulty then it will be as if the backlight turned off. Wow, thanks Kevin, I followed your very helpful instructions and it solved the problem I was having with our 10-year-old Braun thermometer. There was no visible signs of corrosion but I still went over all the contacts with a cotton swab and some WD-40 and voila, up and running. fixed two today and saved £’s. Kind regards, Braun Team Trying to follow your fix, trying my best to open it, but once the screw is out, i dont know how to open it further. Got my eight-year-old thermometer working again. Time flies! Cheers! A bit of isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip swab to wipe away the contact solved the problem. A big “Thank you!”! I am sure you saved us all quite a bit of money. Thank you so much for the post, it saved me some time and money. I wasn’t brave enough to use a screwdriver to scrape the circuit board, but a couple of Q-tips did the trick. Wow Courier Hermes – worst delivery company ever? I just used your article to fix my thermometer. 裸 200 protective probe caps suitable to be used on all Braun ear thermometers (including Braun Thermoscan 7) Our ear thermometer covers are 0% BPA, 0% latex and are 100% recyclable. I manage to save my 5 yrs old thermo. On my thermometer, there’s a little red pin that gets pressed in when the earpiece cover clicks into place. Open the sensor arm and check to Hi I have Braun Thermoscan 6022. Followed the steps and my Thermoscan 6022 is working perfectly again. Your instructions are quite clear and, in my opinion, better than following a YouTube video. To help ensure accurate temperature measurements, the sensor itself is warmed to a temperature close to that of the human body. Thanks so much. It might be worth removing the batteries for an hour or two, to reset the device. I want my braun one to work again. You saved me $80. the left pad). Similarly at the other end, squeeze the lower half of the case and prise. Though it could likely be repaired, it’s for measuring body temperature for fever, so I think it’s safer to just replace it. So a very simple fix is to just clean the corrosion from the battery terminals inside the thermometer. For contact pads on a circuit board, you have to be a lot more careful. Thanks so much. I’ve updated the info, thanks. If the cover isn’t clicking into place, you’d need to look and see why. Hi I can’t get my thermometer to work the ear piece isn’t picking up so it won’t Register that there’s one on there what can I do?? It Varies By Site Of Measurement, And It Tends To Decrease With Age. when you get an OK reading, the backlight turns green. September 2006 2:29 14. next . Then try to press the actual circuit board buttons with something pointy and feel for a positive click in and out. Thanks for the information. Note that for two of the clips, the top half of the case clips into the bottom half, and for the other two the bottom half clips into the top – it might help you figure out which bit to squeeze and which bit to prise, but in any case  I managed fine without that information. For medical devices, I wouldn’t recommend trying to replace components, unless I could be absolutely certain of why a component has failed. However when put back together I get an alarm (doesn’t repeat) then constant flashing light and flashing display. it could be stuck waiting for the button to be ‘released’). Hi there! Fortunately, I found yours like many others did. This design probably applies to other variants of Braun Thermoscan thermometers – they all look roughly the same, just differing in features such as pre-heating, illuminated displays, reading memory, etc. I did the same thing without googling and was about to write a blog about it to help others. Thanks for your reply, Kevin. Scraped the metal contacts and good as new My boy had a high fever and needed it to work. The clips on the case are marked in the picture – you should be able to click on the images to get a larger version (this was broken on the site when you looked, now fixed). We’ve had the exact model and I just went to lend it to my dad when I realised it wasn’t working. 269,00 AED. ? noTE: If the probe has been properly inserted into the ear canal Thanks for sharing the symptom details. Hi JC, I’d normally be happy to do this, but I’m reticent to dismantle my thermometer right now. We bought one 3 years ago to replace the other that was not working. the kid was helping. The Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 ear thermometer featuring advanced measurement technology, has the speed and simplicity you need to capture accurate temperature readings in a comfortable way for patients. Always from pin to pin rather than from joint to joint, since it’s the joints themselves that would be the most likely to fail (and more so than copper traces, in my experience). They usually have protection against this (brown-out protection), but you never know. ️ Highly Accurate - the filters protect tympanic thermometer lenses from scratches and impurities, which might affect temperature readings. I followed your helpful instructions. Worked on two thermoscan. It was indeed corroed contacts. Thanks a lot! Mine was 13years old and had stopped working with exact same issue. should not be directly compared. They say they're for the Thermoscan but on the box it says for use with the Braun Thermoscan PRO 6000. Kindly advise and thank you . I don’t know much about CC licensing, but anything I donate my free time to has to remain unconditionally free. Required fields are marked *, © Kevin Sangeelee. You have been great help. If I had more patience I would’ve used baking soda and water solution with a q tip and/or steel wool or fine sand paper. Those photos makes it easy for me to follow the instructions.

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