Girona, Spain

Fake touristic tour around the historic center of the city of Girona

Brasilia, Brazil

The modern paradigm of efficient mobility and the paths made by its inhabitants

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ephemeral intervention in two billboards

Imatra, Finlandia

About the question: Where is the limit of our passivity?

Quito, Ecuador

Dialogue stall in a major informal food selling settlement

Warsaw, Poland

Activist funding covert action to inform about the European agency Frontex

Figueres, Spain

Installation in the public space on the close relationship between happiness and security

Warsaw, Poland

Thoughts of the security guards of a contemporary art center

Krakov, Poland

Walking tour from Krakow’s airport to its central train station

Figueres, Spain / Paris, France

Simultaneous walking action on the opening day of a new high speed train

Valparaíso, Chile

The self-construction of the own house as a common practice in the hills of Valparaiso

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Collective design and construction of a children’s playground involving the local community

Barcelona's perimeter

The memory and the relationship with the city of the old Meridiana’s Dog Track (ON BCN)

Barcelona, Poblenou

A double look at the urban transformation of the Poblenou’s industrial district of Barcelona

Recife, Brazil

Subjective and collective narration of Recife’s public space in the form of a micro-dictionary

Mataró, Barcelona

Mobile architecture and self-construction laboratory at Can Xalant art center in Mataró

El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

Exploration, documentation and interaction with the peripheral area of El Prat (BCN ON)

Barcelona's surroundings

Research on the self-constructed gardens by retired citizens around the city of Barcelona

Barcelona's surroundings

Collective urban exploration through a three-day walk along Barcelona’s periphery (ON BCN)


Residential tower prototype based on the DIY construction practice by its inhabitants

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